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Beginning of Summer Projects

Under normal circumstance for the summer I would find myself traveling home to visit and spend time with family in Florida; however, I see myself having some not so normal circumstances. Senior year has quickly approached, and graduation looms overhead. With these two thoughts in mind, I decided to remain in Savannah and continue working on personal projects and learning more about the program Houdini. Upon the suggestion of some friends, I chose to enroll in two classes offered by Saber Jlassi and Rebelway.

As of the moment I have completed the first week of the two classes and have fallen further in love with Houdini and the versatility it offers.

I'm attaching below some of the test work I've done in this first week with Rebelway, more can be found under 'In Progress' in the 'Flipbooks'.

Fair note this is the first time I've touched VOP's and particles in Houdini.

For anyone interested, more information on the classes is available at:

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