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Into the Storm

Title: Into the Storm


Programs: Houdini, Mari, Photoshop, UV Headus Layout


Modeled: Houdini,

Not responsible for the plane model


SIM: Houdini


Lighting: Houdini


Texture: Mari + Photoshop

Not responsible for plane base texture maps


Rendering: Mantra


This work is a passion project with the intent of testing and expanding currently existing abilities within Houdini. This scene showcases multiple FX generated in varying ways to create a cohesive and exciting visual.  There are a planned total of three broad FX each containing various smaller FX and Sims put together.


The first being a particle rain system, including water running along the jet and deck surfaces. It is followed by water being pushed by the engine wash from takeoff.


The next significant effect comes from the jet engine. The first portion being the heat distortion created by just idling the fans of the engine. Then the afterburner during launch.


Finally, the steam being released from the catapult used to fling the airplane off the deck.

Into the Storm
Into the Storm Breakdown

All Rights Reserved

by Luke Vuilliomenet and their respective owners

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