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Title: Cathedral

Programs: Houdini, Mari, Photoshop

Modeled: Houdini


Lighting: Houdini

Texture: Mari + Photoshop

Rendering: Mantra


This work was a first significant exploration into Houdini procedural modeling techniques. Included in this study was point instancing, texturing within Houdini, modeling using lines/curves, and much more. In the piece, a significant source of inspiration was a mixture of gothic architecture coming from all over Europe and fantasy elements. The gothic factors include the window plate tracery from the flamboyant French period, the Pointed Romanesque archways, and the decorated vaulting. On the other hand, the center pillars arrangement and sizeable open center dais area come from a more fantasy driven design.

All Rights Reserved

by Luke Vuilliomenet and their respective owners

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