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Castle Siege
Special Thanks to Anthony Walker for the Illustrations used on the model

Title: Castle Siege

Programs: Maya, Photoshop

Modeled: Maya


Lighting: Maya Renderman

Texture: Photoshop

Rendering: Renderman


A more fun driven piece while exploring Renderman and its material shader builder. The idea was to have a pinball game, while not being a pinball game. Instead of launching the ball will a plunger the player must attack a castle under siege with their medieval trebuchet. Once the ball is started, it bounces off the protected backboard into the play area. As the ball comes into play one can aim for either defender’s shields or castle gate, while at the same time striving for friendly crossbows to gain even more score. The question remains, will you gain entry?

All Rights Reserved

by Luke Vuilliomenet and their respective owners

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